2021 Board of Directors

Museum Board Contacts:  
Manteca Museum Phone : (please leave message & date) 209.825.3021
For Newsletter Messages, Event Tickets, Tours, To volunteer, For Memorials and Membership info. (please leave a message at museum.) 209.825.3021
Sally Mendes, President 209.825.3021
Victoria Miller, 1st V.P. 209.825.3021
Tommie Benavides, Secretary 209.825.3021
Artemis Vourakis, Treasurer 209.825.3021
Mike Brockman , Sgt.-at-Arms 209.825.3021
Board of Directors: 
Mark Abram, Director 209.825.3021
Richard Benavides, Director 209.825.3021
Mary Del Pino 209.825.3021
Kristin Founts, Director 209.825.3021
Maria Gully, Director 209.825.3021
Donna Shannon, Director 209.825.3021
Cleve Stafford, Director 209.825.3021
Leon Sucht, Director 209.825.3021
Manteca Museum mailing   address: P.O. Box 907,   Manteca, CA  95336  
Museum physical address:   600 W. Yosemite Ave.,   Manteca, CA 95337  

Museum E-mail Address: